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LitiGate Provides Lawyers With an Accurate &
Timely Claims Analysis Solution

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Information age has not eased
litigators’ work - it has complicated it

Thousands of decisions and claims are published daily, available like never before

Hours invested in analysing arguments has increased significantly

Using advanced text analysis alrogithms litigate compares opponents’ written arguments against past cases


Pinpoint Results

As litigators we know a claims analysis solution is useful only if it fits exactly to your case, to the other party's argument and to its factual circumsatnces. This is what we do.

AI Review

Autonomously reviewing arguments, LitiGate identifies legal fall backs, suggests superior arguments and recommends procedural steps to spare most of the time and money invested in civil and commercial disputes.

Daily Workflow

LitiGate’s innovative platform structures the entire litigation workflow, making sure you never miss any Chess move, a timing of submission or a procedural direction.


Automated claims analysis

Using state of the art natural language processing algorithms LitiGate analyses arguments in context to suggest tailor-made arguments and counter argumens based on the way these were addressed in past cases.

Substantive results

We focus on the semantic DNA of the argument and the nature of its circumstances to complete a comprehensive research. Using machine learning algorithms LitiGate performs the substantive work a lawyer would have done in an endless legal library.

What Does

Do ?

We automate the work of an army of junior associates who cross every relevant piece of data, leaving no stone unturned


LitiGate revolutionises the available set of tools for litigators to take full advantage of the untapped, powerful and suited insights the endless legal information holds.

We are the gate for a new generation of innovative and productive litigation

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